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AVEC's secretariat is  based in Brussels from January 2005 and managed by Secretary General, Mrs Birthe Steenberg assisted by two policy advisers Ms Laura Mazzei and Mr Paul-Henri Lava.

The secretariat of AVEC collects and distributes information on current issues to the member organisations. AVEC furthermore fulfils the function of intermediary and adviser to its member organisations.

Mr Paul Lopez from FIA, France is from October 2014 President of AVEC. The president presides board meetings and the general assembly and assists, whenever possible, the secretariat in its daily work. AVEC has four vice-presidents, Mr Philip Wilkinson from BPC UK, Mr Paul-Heinz Wesjohann from BVG Germany, Mr Mario Veronesi from UNAITALIA Italy and Piotr Kulikowski from KRD Poland.

Member organisations are represented in the Board of AVEC by one board member and one deputy board member. Board meetings are held four times a year.

The annual General Assembly of AVEC takes place during the month of September and regroups a total of more than 160 delegates. Poultry Industry, EU officials and manufacturers of equipement are invited to give their views on important issues for the poultry industry.